Ok So I am gonna try and organize this so it is easy for everyone to do:
If this works for everyone let me know! -Torie Jenkins (Project Leader)
Wiki Project Duties:
Torie : (Web Design/Editor)
Tyler: (Visual Design)
Chris : (Event Planner)
1. Designing/creating Name Badges
2. Designing/creating Home Page
3. Designing/creating Registration form
4. Making Spreadsheets and embedding them into wiki site
5. Overall wiki site design
6. Citations
7. Planning/Organization pages
8. Member's Page (We each need to do one)
1. Online Slide Show
2. Video/Podcast for site + Embed
3. Calculating Costs for Event
4. Member's Page (We each need
to do one).
1. Map for event (Google Maps)
2. Getting Quality Pictures for site
3. Calandar
4. Member's Page(We each need
to do one)

Assignment Description:

This project is a capstone project that will combine all of the skills that we have learned throughout the semester. Since several people will be working on it, the project needs to show a final project combined effort.
  1. Your instructor will assign you to a group. The leader will set up a wikispace for the group at www.wikispaces.com . As a leader, you must be on top of this the first week of the assignment. One semester the leader dropped the ball and this was disastrous. I have chosen those that seem to be punctual, but sometimes I can be wrong. Procrastination can kill this project.
  2. Go to the Members link and click on Invite Members. Everyone should check their G-mail and respond to the invitation quickly! Make sure that you invite me as well. I would like to see your plans and brainstorming. Assign someone to create the members page. You can create a table and have each person put their picture in one cell and their responsibilities in another and their Avatar in another. This can be the leader or assigned to someone else. I would like each person in the group to go to voki.com and read about creating a talking avatar. Create your own avatar and put this on the group page telling what your responsibilities will be.
  3. Your topic this semester is to plan some kind of event. This event could be a carnival, a fund raiser, a fun run, a wedding, a family reunion, graduation, party, a conference, etc. Suppose you want to plan a retreat for your company. Let’s have fun. You are not limited to a budget yet you need to keep track of expenses in a spreadsheet. Where would you want your retreat to be? Figure the costs. Entertain everyone. Take them to see the local sites. Feed them the best foods. You do need to work a little since 4 people are working jointly, though. Arrange for speakers, entertainment, food, travel, etc. Make these plans realistically. Cite where you get your prices and sources. The sky is the limit. Plan an event that you would love to go to. Think of all of the details. Use your wiki to plan and brainstorm.
  4. Week one will be brainstorming and making your plans. You can make a page right within your wiki to brainstorm, you can use the wiki’s Discussions area, you can use Google+ or Google Hangout, Skype, or Google Talk. But I would like some way of seeing these plans and your discussions. To create a new page in your Wiki go to Pages on the left menu. There are very few menu items but the class wiki show demos on how to insert widgets into the wiki.
  5. Here is an example of a wiki showcasing a digital media event in Milwaukee. I attended this one year and our wiki assignment was to meet at the zoo and do research as a group on particular animals. http://mdmc2011.wikispaces.com/
  6. This is the link to a winner of the top Wiki site one year. http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/
  7. Grading will be based on the following rubric:

Below is the Rubric for each part i tried to split the work up fairly:

Members Page
Post a picture, avatar, and a description of what you are responsible for. Put this in a table format.
20 pts

Home Page--Design, color, organization,informative, readability and creativity
Be creative with your design, colors, and organization. Create or find an appropriate graphic that will introduce your wiki. Check your spelling and grammar.
25 pts

Planning and Organizing--Discussions or Page for planning
I want to see your plans and your brainstorming ideas. Make sure that you put your name by the input that you give so that I can see you are participating.
20 pts

Documents--Registration Form
Create a registration form for your event. Make it fit your type of event. We did Google Forms and you can also find online form makers. Embed this into the wiki, don't just provide a link.
30 pts

Name Badges
Create name badges that people can wear at the event. Put an event name or logo on it with a place for their name.
30 pts

Spreadsheet tracking and embedding
Even though you have an unlimited budget, track a realistic budget that you are spending. Embed the spreadsheet into the wiki.
30 pts

Widgets and Graphic Content--Video or Podcast
Find quality pictures, videos or podcasts that will enhance the experience. Always cite where you get your photos and give credits.
30 pts

Create a map to your event. Show surrounding restaurants, hotels, and rentals. Embed this map into the wiki.
20 pts

Quality Photos
Use quality photos and enhancements.
15 pts

Create a slideshow through any online slideshow creator that applies to your event. Cite where you get the pictures and what slideshow creator that you used.
30 pts

Hyperlinks to other wikis or blogs
Create hyperlinks within your text to other cites.
15 pts

Cite, tag and follow copyright laws
Cite everything that you do so that credits are given to materials that you use.
10 pts

Create and embed a calendar of events leading up to and during the event scheduled.
25 pts

Total Points: 300